“Smoke Savvy” is both a technique and a state of mind. Budbo has perfected the technique – so you can enjoy the state of mind. Kick back, swipe around, find your strain, and smoke savvy. We’ll help you find the vibe you seek.

Budbo is designed from the perfect perspective: Yours. The result? A one-of-a-kind mobile application that allows you to quickly discover, explore, and locate new strains, concentrates, and edibles like never before, all at your local dispensaries.

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Puff or Pass

It’s all about puff or pass baby. Budbo guides you in finding new strains and marijuana concentrates at your local dispensaries. Quickly “Puff” or “Pass” your preferences, or dive into the effects and attributes of each individual strain. Comment, rate, and help others. A new adventure awaits.


Have a passion for indicas? Looking for a sativa to lift your spirits? Not sure? Budbo lets you zero in or explore at your leisure with our in-depth strain catalog.


Our first-of-its-kind strain match feature lets you learn before you burn (or consume in some other manner). Select and slide each attribute and treatment and Budbo will help you find which strains fit your criteria best. Budbo will show you which strains fit best overall, and which are available locally.


Once you’ve “puffed” on a few strains or goodies and actually want to get your loving hands on them, we’ll show you the closest dispensary to pick ’em up, and heck we’ll even throw in directions.


A passion for design, combined with a dedication to technology, allowed us to deliver the right features to you, working better than ever.

Strain Match

Wanna get happy? Need creative inspiration? Maybe you suffer chronic pain. Our exclusive Strain Match feature lets you slide your desired effects to find your ideal strains.

Match Results

You’ll see exactly which strains rank highest to cure what ails ‘ya.

View Details

Learn more about each individual strain, its average price, and its dominant effects.


The Budbo dashboard gives you a wealth of options in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Strain Catalog

Take a long stroll through our catalog, read reviews, and write your own!

Dispensary Details

Once you’ve “puffed” your favorite products, you can call or get directions straight to your nearby dispensary.

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Budbo Users Share Their Feelings

I love it! Great app!! Simplicity in strains. This is extremely helpful for those using medically. Thanks for a great app!!

Freedom Fighter

5 stars!!!!!!!! Gave me everything i needed and more. Fantastic!!!!


Finally someone has made it easier to find better weed. Tinder swiping for ganja is my new thing. Great work!


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